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Most of the time, moving companies don't offer piano moving. Moving bulky pianos is quite a task. When it comes to giant pianos moving from one to another place, it is the moving that we know the best. The team is trained and well-found with the best practices of piano moving. Ask anyone in Melbourne who have recently moved their pianos; we are the best piano mover Melbourne that they would happily recommend us.

Our movers know how difficult and delicate it is to move a piano compared to the rest of your household's furniture. It demands special care while packing and needs an equal amount of concern during loading and unloading. As an expert piano mover in Melbourne, we understand how important it is to protect a valuable asset during relocation, and a piano falls into this priced possession category for sure.

When it comes to moving a large-sized instrument like a piano, we send our exclusive specialists for executing the task. People have a sentimental attachment towards this hefty instrument apart from the huge price. For any piano movers in Melbourne, protection of this giant instrument gets the tick for the top-most priority. Because there are multiple types of pianos like spinet, uprights, grands, concert grands, baby grands, grand uprights etc., it feels glad to announce that we have moved them all.

From padding and stretching wraps to placing a piano board on the dolly- the entire task exclusively requires strict focus and skilled hands. The experts remove the exterior parts of the piano, viz. legs, pedals, and stands before the final wrapping. We ensure that each of the parts is taken care of with the fullest security until they are moved to the truck. Depending on the size of the piano, the quotation might vary from place to place. Let's put it in this way that we are the best piano mover in Melbourne that a customer could ever have.

With our outstanding service, we ensure the best clutter-free piano moving from one place to another in Melbourne. Our delivery service is available for 365*7, even in the festive or holiday season. You can contact our customer care at +61 400 331 122 anytime if you have any moving queries or shipment status-related questioning. Make your moving relaxing and on time followed by a simple booking procedure. Fill up our online form and give all your relevant details for moving, our expert will attend you in no time.

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Being one of the cheap removalists in Melbourne, team My Removalists Melbourne has earned many feathers of success and satisfaction in its hat over the years. We offer local and domestic in Melbourne of both residential and commercial goods. Not necessarily you have to have bulk goods to be moved, for any single removal requirement in Melbourne, we are always at your service. Let’s have a quick overview of our services-

Local Removals Melbourne

Local Removals

My Removalists Melbourne is one of the unparalleled furniture removalists in Melbourne.

Domestic Removals Melbourne

Domestic Removals

Our state-of-art domestic shifting service makes your removal easier and smoother.

Bulk Corporate Removals Melbourne

Corporate Removals

Moving bulk requirement for businesses is always a daunting task and a costly affair too.

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